I am Fat Guppy. An amateur blogger but an old time techie based in Asia working for a Software MNC.

Yes, yes, yes… I use screen names. Why ? I cover Technology in my blog and do not represent any particular company, product, method or technology.

If my views are biased (which I hope is not)… it is not due to any influence in my regular work.

My regular work focuses on Enterprise Search and Lotus Notes (“to help Customers sunset Lotus Notes and rapidly adopt the better alternative platform”), which is an interesting combination. On the side line, I do play with Security, Open Source, Linux, ECM/CMS/WCMS, Databases, Office Suites, Messaging and Unified Communications too, which is yet another odd combo.

I work with a bunch of good partners in the field, attend interesting conferences and get to absorb lots of up-to-date info which I share if I can, on the blog.

Where possible, I try to give my observations on stuff and links to evidence. Judgment is up to you to make. Your mileage will vary. 🙂

All posts on my blog represent my own personal opinion and comments that of myself, my friends and visitors, and do not reflect the opinion of my employer.

All fair comments will be posted. You can hide behind screen names, I have no problems with that. I believe in freedom of speech as long as it is fair speech. 🙂

If your comments is stuck in the spam filters, give me some time to get the fair comments unstuck. Thanks !


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